First, let me introduce myself; brought up since childhood among dogs lovers, I have chosen to become a canine beautician.

After developing and managing two grooming salons and a shop dedicated to dogs and cats accessories, I ran a boarding house for several years before focusing on dog breeding and education.

During all these years, I continued to follow training in breeding techniques and education

We represent a small size breeding activity. We have only one or two dogs old enough to breed and thus, as our dogs have only two or three litters during their life span, we can only propose puppies every two or three years.



We own only females and we pick the genitors for their physical characteristics, proper to the breed, but also for their good temper.

Our dogs live among us, they go on vacation with us and participate to every daily life activity…




Since their earlier age, they are used to:

  • All kinds of noises
  • To other dogs (through contact, hierarchy, games…)





  • Being handled (under our supervision) by children




  • To car travelling


En voitureEn voitureEn voiture


  • To healthy walks



  • Even to be around cats




  • ...


We try our best to socialized them to offer well balanced dogs ready to learn and capable of a good development.

At the age of 8 weeks old, the puppies can leave for their new home. At this moment, the puppy already knows its name, recognizes several orders and has good notions of toilet training.

We follow the natural Ortega method of education    



Puppies are treated against worms several times.

They will have received their pre vaccinations.


Weimaraner puppies are enlisted to the “Silver truffles”, to the LOSH (St Hubert certificate) and will have a pedigree recognized by the FCI (Fédéradtion cynologique Internationale).

Harlequin Poodle puppies are enlisted to the "Vom Schwarzenvenn" and the DHS (Deutsches Hundestammbuch) in Germany                   


All puppies will wear a chip and will be enlisted to the ABIEC (Belgian national record of identification)

Once you decided to take a puppy, we will ask a down payment and we will establish a contract of collaboration.

At the moment of the sale, we will sign with the new owner a contract that will engage each party. The pedigree will be brought to you after a couple of months and we are used to take this opportunity to pay you a visit in order to verify that all is fine between the owner and the dog.