Fame is mama !! She has her first litter the 16 may 2010 . 6 males and 3 females !

Now the pictures of the puppies of the last litter of Fame

Pictures of Brisca 

Pictures of Babouche

Pictures of Betsy

Pictures of Bayo

Pictures of Bounty

Pictures of Boris

Pictures of Bailey

Pictures of Bacchus

Pictures of Bosley

Now we are 9 weeks old. We are now only two. Our brothers and sisters are already in their new home.This is the last time we present each in turn

8 Weeks :

7 Weeks Find you us ? Who is who ?

We are now 5 weeks old (on June 20th)!
We moved to a larger enclosure and we are allowed to run outside and even
sometimes inside everywhere. That's cool. Doris takes us out all the time
and we do our little things outside, except when there is an emergency, then
we end up on the newspaper.
We have a lot of toys; Alroy and mummy are playing with us too.

Hello, here we are again and we have reached 3 weeks old! (June 6, 2010). Doris had a great idea. She put “paper” in our box and she expects us to do our “business” in there. Well, most of the time, we do it just to please her. Today, she prepared a hotpot for us! What a change of diet. Hmmm, we loved it, it was so good! But it was very tiring for us that shooting session, so that almost all of us felt asleep.

Finally, we're here!!
We were born Sunday, May 16 . We mean, 6 males and 3 females.. As you can see, Mama "Fame" makes their things tidy.
Have a look how beautiful we are!



Anaïs is mama !! She has her first litter the 30 september 2010 . 3 males and 3 females !


une semaine (6 octobre)

2 semaines et demi (18 octobre)

3 semaines et demi (24 octobre)

4 semaines et demi ( 1novembre) !

6 semaines et demi (16 novembre)

8 semaines (25 novembre)


Fame et Alroy

Meeting of the puppies of anaïs 10 july 2010

here on the left to the right side





She has her first litter the 26 March 2009 . 6 males !

  • Indian (Ceddy)
  • Iago (Davy) : Baustert Allemagne
  • Inox : Onze Lieve Vrouw Waver
  • Igor : Pesche
  • Ismir (Max) : Aldenhoven  Allemagne
  • Ike : Sint Truiden

We have a meeting with all the puppies of the first litter od Enjoy  the 10 october 2009.