We felt in love with the Weimaraner dog while visiting an exhibition at the Kirchberg in Luxembourg. The gait, the morphology and of course the color have appealed to us. We first discussed with professional breeders as this breed is first of all a hunting dog and we were just dog lovers. After long thoughts and a lot of information seeking, we bought our first Weimaraner, Trinca, in 1995 from a private owner who did not hunt.

The Weimaraner is very polyvalent in hunting. He has a huge capacity in learning and is very curious. In the United States, he is often used a police dog in drug search.

If you take your time with patience, you will learn to canalize its energy. This dog will do anything for his owner. It is also a very good family dog and a good guardian (even if it is a well-known thief).



Trinca sur le rocher 


A Weimaraner remains an active dog and it hunting skills are innate. Even if we do not hunt with our dogs and raise them to be family dogs, we want them to be active. They need space, exercises and games. A dog that is not allowed to express its nature will be unhappy and starts to make foolish things and damages. This will naturally create problem with its owner.



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